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An interpretation question...

Now that I'm comfortable with reading the runes without any sort of book or cheat (at least mostly, sometimes I still need reference), I find myself looking more at *how* I read them.

For most questions, I usually draw three runes and use sort of a "past, present, future", it's not always literally past, present and future...but in my understand it's progressive.

For anyone else who does it this way, or anyone for that matter...do you ever take them out of order?

Say I got Fehu, Berkano and Hagalaz.

In simplest terms would you say this is Wealth/productivity and new birth (new relationship) leading to destruction?

This was an actual reading for a friend, and it all fits perfectly in the situation, especially since I've gotten Hagalaz for one of the parties involved in the situation before. However, I figured it was a good example of a rather "firm" outcome.

If you generally read them in "order", do you feel there's any situation in which you would take them out of order? Or rather as a group meaning?

I'm sorry if any of this is unclear, I'm not sure how to word it better.

Also, do any of you have personal runes? When I was first introduced to Norse Mythology and later the Runes my boyfriend at the time was my first contact and he had a personal rune, and encouraged me to pick one (Gebo, if you're curious). Now, I've heard of this with Oracle decks and even Tarot decks, but I haven't run into anyone who does this with Runes. Is it uncommon?

Also, if you do this...how do you factor that into a reading? I'm asking because in the past decade (give or take) I can count on one hand the number of times Gebo has come up for me in readings, however, I have a new friend in my life who I feel a deep connection to and I'm constantly amazed how many times he picks Gebo out. It's actually starting to really pique my curiosity and I have no clue how to interpret this.

As examples: When he asked about his soul mate, he got Gebo, Jera and Tiwaz. After I brought up Gebo coming up so much, and feeling a connection to him, he asked if there was a connection and got Gebo. He asked if he was supposed to teach me something, I forgot what the rune was but it was "no" and when asked if I was supposed to teach him something he got Berkano. Then today, when doing a reading for him at work, at his request to re-evaluate the "destructive" situation (the woman he loves keeps getting the Hagalaz rune whenever asked about) I got Fehu, Berkano and Hagalaz. When asking about the destruction I got Gebo.

Thanks in advance.


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