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What methods do you follow when you do a rune reading?

I've just finnished reading A Handbook of Rune Magic which is the first book that I've read on the topic; and I was amazed at the complexity involved when it comes to rune reading. For instance the book mentioned that the "vikti" should where specific clothing such as red, black, or white cloathing, and possess various objects such as "a runic bracteate" and "runic wands."  Although the book also stresses that the "vikti" should decide on his/ her own unique methods when it comes to rune reading.

Do you use any of the above objects? and is there a simpler method for a bigginer "vikti?


*Loves beginning a new search*

*sighs and breathes in before starting*

Okay... Since I've been practicing Wicca for ages now (over a decade) and am now studying with a rune master here in Columbus, let me give you this: Books are overrated -- within reason. :)

When it comes to the runes, -- as with tarot, I-ching, and other forms of divination -- yes, there are knickknacks, and frillies that go along with traditional or historic images of practicioners of any art/craft. This does not mean that one simply must have every item listed, or I would be broke trying to complete my witchy catalog. With runes, all you really need are the runes themselves and a list of traditional meanings until you can develop a deeper connection with each one.

I would suggest Lisa Peschel's A Practical Guide to the Runes. Its a basic breakdown of the runes from linguistic meaning, historic meaning, divinational meanings, and even magickal meanings (if youre so inclined). Paul Rhys Mountfort's Nordic Runes gives more history and linguistics than any of the other meanings, but gives a strong emphasis on the celtic and Icelandic rune poems and nordic mythology. Read seperate or comparatively, they provide a good image of basis for the runic interpretations and uses.

*smiles* Its good to read and find things that can make the experience more felt, but don't get tangled up in the lace edges. The runes are the key and you must create the lock in your mind. If you feel a specific color shirt helps your ability to Read the runes, then by all means. Dragon's Blood incense make the thoughts flow better? Great; use it! Candles? Yeah! Just don't think you can't read without anything -- except the runes of course :p.

Any questions, feel free to ask. It may take a few days but I will respond. Okay? lol Long post, but I hope it helped.

Re: *Loves beginning a new search*

Thanks. This is the sort of answer I wanted to recieve. Personally I think that the methods described in this book are for the more eccentric types, if you know what I mean. Also thanks for the book reccomendations.
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